Stacii Samidin

Stacii Samidin (1987), a documentary photographer and filmmaker, has been exhibiting at NIQUI Gallery since 2019.
Samidin’s works are part of his ongoing life’s work Societies, which is founded on rough honesty, radicalism, and unknown territories. Everything comes together in Samidin’s Societies. It is the essence of observing, listening, and accepting people without prejudice and judgment. Capturing the lives of the oppressed, minorities and groups with unorthodox lifestyles around the world is creating a change in individual and collective consciousness.
It is by challenging the perception and making heard the voices of the unheard in photography and film that he achieves his goal.
Samidin’s vision is that of a visual anthropologist. As he explains himself, 90 percent of his job consists of connecting with his subjects, building trust, and sometimes even living next to them for a short period of time. The other 10 percent show work that is a direct representation of himself as a person as well as an artist.

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