Sylle Van den Heuvel

For visual artist Van den Heuvel (1968) school of art was not an option, according to her mother, but Latin and Greek a must. A school friend took Van den Heuvel to the Palace of Fine Arts in Charleroi. There, Kokoschka and Klimt blew her away, but Schiele has been her favorite since that day. The Antwerp Academy dream became a fact.
There, Van den Heuvel did not go unnoticed. Transitioning from a staunchly Catholic family and a nun’s school to a hotbed of chaos and free-spirited ideas and unusually different individuals – that does something to a young and naive person.

After graduating from the Academy Van den Heuvel worked as a senior art director and copywriter and met countless illustrators and photographers. She has designed and created works for a wide variety of customers and extended her experience into various creative fields.

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