Hans Knol ten Bensel

Ten Bensel (1947) has been surrounded by art since his childhood. His grandfather, the successful artist Jan Kuper, introduced him to the art of drawing and painting from his early years. His father, the well-known journalist Theo Knol ten Bensel, instilled in him a love for photography as well as a love for the written word.
His curiosity and inventiveness, but also and especially his talent, ensured that Knol ten Bensel would excel in each of these different disciplines.
For example, there are the photos he took of Florence, and his pastel, oil and watercolor works and his corona pen drawings. NIQUI Gallery displayed the pen drawings at their end-of-year expo. We are delighted to show the newest pastels of Hans in the autumn of 2021.

Pastels an exquisite medium:
Besides pen drawings, the bulk of Hans’ recent artistic work consists of pastel drawings or paintings. Indeed, pastel is a very versatile medium: you can as well draw with it as paint, so both definitions are valid.

Pastels are made of finely ground pigments, bound together with a gum to form a more or less stiff paste. Hence the word pastel, derived from the Italian word pastello, which means paste.

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